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Subject[PATCH 00/13] some swapfile patches
Here comes a series of 13 swap patches, mainly to mm/swapfile.c, based
on 2.6.13-rc2-mm1 but applying also to 2.6.13-rc2. I don't think any
of them are important enough for 2.6.13, though the first half are
straightforward. The main thrust is to scan the swap_map lockless,
to stop the infamous latency in get_swap_page. But they keep to the
familiar swap allocation algorithm, so no change to macro-latency.

Documentation/vm/locking | 15 -
include/linux/swap.h | 22 --
kernel/power/swsusp.c | 12 -
mm/filemap.c | 7
mm/rmap.c | 3
mm/swapfile.c | 410 +++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
6 files changed, 246 insertions(+), 223 deletions(-)

Strictly, arch/m68k/atari/stram.c should also be in that list.
But CONFIG_STRAM_SWAP is under CONFIG_BROKEN, and its reference to
swap_vfsmnt implies it hasn't been built since 2.5.1. Time again to
cajole the m68k people into removing that code - if the mtd driver
doesn't already satisfy their need in a much better way, it cannot
be far off (need? hardly, if unbuilt in 3.5 years).

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