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SubjectRe: IBM HDAPS things are looking up (was: Re: [Hdaps-devel] Re: [ltp] IBM HDAPS Someone interested? (Accelerometer))
On Fri, Jul 08 2005, Bodo Eggert wrote:
> Clemens Koller <> wrote:
> > Well, sure, it's not a notebook HDD, but maybe it's possible
> > to give headpark a more generic way to get the heads parked?
> I remember my old MFM HDD, which had a Landing Zone stored in the BIOS to
> which the park command would seek. Maybe you could do something similar
> and park the head on the last cylinder if the other options fail.

Yeah, in ancient times you would simply issue a SEEK to the landing zone
and the drive would park. Those days are long gone.

The SEEK is just a hint anyways, with the sophisticated caching that
drives do today I wouldn't rely on it doing anything reliable.

Jens Axboe

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