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    SubjectRe: enhanced intel speedstep feature was Re: speedstep-centrino on dothan
    On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 10:22:25PM +0200, wrote:
    > > This hasn't been seen to save any power whatsoever that I've seen.
    > It drops down power rating by 1500-1800mW on my Toshiba Satellite A50
    > while idling at 400MHz.

    Do you use ACPI-based idling? If so, in which state is the CPU in (cat
    /proc/acpi/processor/*/power ? I suspect that you do not use ACPI (else
    you wouldn't need the table-based approach) or that the ACPI-based idling is
    broken on your notebook; as then the Linux idle handler only makes use of
    "hlt" (IIRC), that is ACPI C1, while throttling "forces" ACPI C2 (again

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