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    SubjectHow do you accurately determine a process' RAM usage?
    I wrote a tool to report how much RAM a
    particular program (apache for e.g.) was using:

    I was then pointed at the following:
    which describes how copy-on-write pages are
    not counted as shared since 2.6.

    So how can one determine how much RAM a process is using?
    Seems like a fundamental requirement to me.
    Could we add a "SharedTotal" column to /proc/$$/statm for e.g. ?

    Here's a little python script to demo the problem:

    import os, sys, time
    a="\x00"*(32*1024*1024) #alloc 32MiB
    if(not pid):
    print "only %.1f%% reported as shared" % ((sizel[1]/sizel[0])*100)

    Pádraig Brady -
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