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SubjectRe: notebook buttons trouble, acpi related
Il giorno lun, 04/07/2005 alle 17.30 +0100, Matthew Garrett ha scritto:
> Hetfield <> wrote:
> > if it turns off tft and change brightness i guess kernel should receive
> > some events but
> > /proc/acpi/event doesn't get them.
> In general, these keys generate events that are handled by the hardware.
> The kernel never gets told about them. If you disassemble your DSDT, you
> may be able to find methods that correspond to the hotkeys - then you
> can use the ACPI generic hotkey driver to bind them to events. However,
> this isn't always true and is very hardware dependent.
i'm sorry, but i've no idea about how disasseble dsdt and how to use

how can i get support?

(i know the question is google too )

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