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    SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] remove support for gcc < 3.2
    On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 12:26:07AM +0200, Adrian Bunk took 109 lines to write:
    > This patch removes support for gcc < 3.2 .
    > The advantages are:
    > - reducing the number of supported gcc versions from 8 to 4 [1]
    > allows the removal of several #ifdef's and workarounds
    > - my impression is that the older compilers are only rarely
    > used, so miscompilations of a driver with an old gcc might
    > not be detected for a longer amount of time
    > My personal opinion about the time and space a compilation requires is
    > that this is no longer that much of a problem for modern hardware, and
    > in the worst case you can compile the kernels for older machines on more
    > recent machines.

    Environments that require kernel compilation, often multiple times,
    testing, benefit from shorter compile times. It can be the difference
    between, say, completing a test suite overnight instead of having to
    wait until tomorrow afternoon. Keeping 2.95, at least, has some value
    in such environments.

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