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    SubjectRe: kernel guide to space (updated)

    >3e. sizeof
    > space after the operator
    > no space if the operand is in barces


    >3f. Braces etc
    > () [] -> .

    () parentheses (short form: parens)
    [] square brackets
    {} braces
    <> dunno their name :p

    >3i. if/else/do/while/for/switch
    > space between if/else/do/while and following/preceeding
    > statements/expressions, if any

    Why this? if(a) {} is not any worse than if (a). I would make this an option.

    >3j. return
    > space between return and following expression,
    > even if the operand is in barces


    > return (a);

    No unnecessary parentheses:

    return (3 + 7) * 5;
    return 1;

    instead of

    return ((3 + 7) * 5);
    return (1);

    >3k. Labels
    > goto and case labels should have a line of their own (possibly
    > with a comment)
    > no space before colon in labels
    >int foobar()
    > ...
    >foolabel: /* short comment */
    > foo();

    Would it be reasonable to say that the first column can be a space?
    Some editors (e.g. joe) list the function in some status bar and do that based
    on the fact that all C code in a function is indented, and only the function
    header is non-indented. Putting a label statement fools the algorithm.
    joe-bug or option for freedom?

    >4a. Labels
    > case labels should be indented same as the switch statement.
    > statements occurring after a case label are indented by one level.
    > switch (foo) {
    > case foo:
    > bar();
    > default:
    > break;
    > }

    switch(foo) {
    default: {
    int somevar = dosomething;

    What now? You've got two }} after another.

    Jan Engelhardt
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