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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] Interbench v0.24
    Interbench is a Linux Kernel Interactivity Benchmark.

    Direct download:

    3 new loads were added:

    Gaming benchmark:
    This simulates an unlocked frame rate cpu intensive 3d gaming environment. It
    measures the latencies mean/sd/max and desired cpu percentage only. These
    should give a marker of frame rate stability (latencies), and maximum frame
    rates under different loads (desired cpu percentage). As this simulates an
    unlocked frame rate the deadlines met is meaningless. This does not
    accurately emulate a 3d game which is gpu bound, only a cpu bound one.

    Taken from Rusty's hackbench code as suggested by Ingo Molnar, this will run
    'hackbench 50' repeatedly in the background when benchmarking real time

    Based on the periodic scheduling used for audio/video, custom will allow you
    to specify a cpu percentage and frame rate of a custom workload, and this can
    be used to benchmark this workload's performance under normal scheduling,
    real time scheduling or it can be used as a background load.

    Numerous floating point and overflow errors were tracked down and fixed. These
    are responsible for results like 'nan' and 4294... which is basically 2^32.
    Unfortunately the standard deviation reported in previous versions appears to
    have been bogus, but fortunately little value was placed on this result.

    Error handling was made _much_ more robust - for example it was found that
    contrary to 'man sem_wait' but consistent with SUSv3, sem_wait can return -1
    with -EINTR.

    Lots of little tweaks.

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