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These are patches designed to improve system responsiveness and interactivity. 
It is configurable to any workload but the default ck* patch is aimed at the
desktop and ck*-server is available with more emphasis on serverspace.

Apply to 2.6.12 (This includes all patches in
or for server version:

all patches:
Split patches available.

Changes since 2.6.12-ck3:

Staircase cpu scheduler update. Change rr intervals to 5ms minimum. With
interbench I can confidently say there is objective evidence of interactive
improvement in the human perceptible range with this change :)

+My take on the never ending config HZ debate. Apart from the number not being
pleasing on the eyes, a HZ value that isn't a multiple of 10 is perfectly
valid. Setting HZ to 864 gives us very similar low latency performance to a
1000HZ kernel, decreases overhead ever so slightly, and minimises clock drift
substantially. The -server patch uses HZ=82 for similar reasons, with the
emphasis on throughput rather than low latency. Madness? Probably, but then I
can't see any valid argument against using these values.

Latest stable version.


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