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    Subjectrelayfs as infrastructure, ltt, systemtap, diskstat
    On Fri, Jul 22, 2005 at 01:01:32PM -0700, Paul Jackson wrote:
    > Another vote in favor of relayfs here ...

    At OLS the 'SystemTAP' idea was presented, which has been partially
    implemented already, and it builds on relayfs as well. It dovetails nicely
    with kprobes.

    So it appears there is a sizeable amount of code which is building on
    relayfs, iow, it is getting to be infrastructure.

    I'm redoing diskstat to work with k/jprobes so it won't require a kernel
    patch anymore, but it will still rely on relayfs.

    So it would be tremendously helpful if relayfs would be part of the
    mainline. I'll be banging out some HOWTO style documentation soonish.


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