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SubjectSupport for Silicon Image 3132 SATA II Controller

I've got a new Silicon Image 3132 SATA II host-controller, this one is
designed along the SATA (II) specification - (Hot-Plug,NCQ,3GB/s
transfer). This controller is linked to the pci-express bus. I guess
it operate like the 3124 controller with some addition :-) On the
Silicon Image website I found some papers for this controller and his
architecture. It can be found here

I can provide a pci-ids for some specific boards if needed...I found
this controller on some new motherboards Gigabyte's 955X Royal, ABIT
AW8,ECS PF88 Extreme, TUL,Foxconn and maybe others coming.

Is it possible to implement this controller to libata: sata_sil
driver? I also would spend some time to test the driver.

Thanks for help and assistence

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Thonke

Best regards
Michael Thonke
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