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SubjectRe: Problem with inotify
Hi Robert,

On Jul 01 at 04:25:15, Robert Love wrote:
> > either introduced by inotify or just made more likely (i.e. 100% of time)
> > by inotify but the change is elsewhere.
> The mount case is baffling. Inotify has no interaction whatsoever with
> mounting. Unmounting, definitely--see fs/inotify.c ::
> inotify_unmount_inodes().

Good news are that it seems unrelated to inotify. I updated to 2.6.13-rc1, and
tested it with and without the inotify patch. Now I get the mount process
hanged in inode_wait with the vanilla kernel, and working perfectly with the
patched one. Weird...

> [ Attached is the latest inotify, against 2.6.13-rc1. ]

I tested it with this patch.


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