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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] i386: Selectable Frequency of the Timer Interrupt

    > > Alan tested it and said that 250HZ does not save much power anyway.
    > Len Brown, a year ago: "The bottom line number to laptop users is battery
    > lifetime. Just today somebody complained to me that Windows gets twice the
    > battery life that Linux does."
    > And "Maybe I can get Andy Grover over in the moble lab to get some time on
    > that fancy power measurement setup they have...
    > "My expectation is if we want to beat the competition, we'll want the
    > ability to go *under* 100Hz."
    > But then, power consumption of the display should preponderate, so it's not
    > clear.
    > Len, any updates on the relationship between HZ and power consumption?

    Last time I checked, HZ=100 to HZ=1000 difference was about 1W, about
    twice as much as disk spinning up vs. disk spinned down.
    teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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