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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] MMC host class
    Russell King wrote:

    >No no no no no. Repeat after me ten times. Empty or non-existant release
    >functions are bad and cause oopsen. I will not create code which does

    Sorry. I thought it was a generic cleanup function and since nothing was
    allocated in the register function I didn't think it needed to do
    anything. I tried to find some documentation about how classes were
    handled but eventually had to resort to looking at other code. Perhaps I
    should look at the documentation about kernel objects instead?

    >What this means is that mmc_host itself becomes a refcounted sysfs
    >object which needs to follow the lifetime rules associated therewith.
    >Luckily, I thought about this earlier on, so there's a core mmc function
    >to allocate the beast, register it, unregister it, and finally free it.
    >The allocation function should initialise class_dev as much as possible.

    The name field cannot be initialised since it isn't generated until
    registration. And I avoided filling in the other stuff at allocation so
    that I could keep knowledge of mmc_host_class in mmc_sysfs.c.

    >The registration function should add the class device with the class
    >model. The unregistration should remove the class device from the class
    >model, but _not_ free it. The free function should drop the last
    >reference to the class device, which results in the remove function
    >(eventually) being called. Finally, the remove function can free the

    With the remove function you mean the .release in the class struct?

    >Also note that since we have a class_dev, the mmc_host 'dev' field can
    >be removed. However, we'll probably have to update the host drivers
    >to do this, so it should be a separate patch.

    I'll read up on kernel objects and sysfs and put together a new patch then.


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