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    SubjectLinux v2.6.13-rc3

    it's _really_ -rc3 this time, never mind the confusion with the commit
    message last time (when the Makefile clearly said -rc2, but my over-eager
    fingers had typed in a commit message saying -rc3).

    There's a bit more changes here than I would like, but I'm putting my foot
    down now. Not only are a lot of people going to be gone next week for LKS
    and OLS, but we've gotten enough stuff for 2.6.13, and we need to calm

    Admittedly the diff looks a bit bigger than it really conceptually is,
    partly due to the hwmon drivers moving around, partly due to re-indenting
    reiserfs. No real changes, but huge diffs in both cases.

    I think the shortlog speaks for itself.


    Adrian Bunk:
    Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt: fix a typo
    IBM_ASM Kconfig corrections
    [ACPI] fix potential NULL dereference in acpi/video.c
    I2C: SENSORS_ATXP1 must select I2C_SENSOR
    dvb: ttusb-dec: kfree cleanup
    FRV: Add defconfig
    [CRYPTO] Make crypto_alg_lookup static

    Alasdair G Kergon:
    device-mapper snapshots: Handle origin extension
    device-mapper: Fix dm_swap_table error cases
    device-mapper multipath: Fix pg initialisation races
    device-mapper multipath: Avoid possible suspension deadlock
    device-mapper multipath: Flush workqueue when destroying
    device-mapper multipath: Barriers not supported
    device-mapper: dm-raid1: Limit bios to size of mirror region

    Albert Herranz:
    kexec-ppc: fix for ksysfs crash_notes

    Alexey Dobriyan:
    [NET]: __be'ify *_type_trans()
    [SCTP]: __nocast annotations
    propagate __nocast annotations

    Alexey Kuznetsov:
    [IPV4]: Apply sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts to ICMP_TIMESTAMP as well.

    Alexey Starikovskiy:
    [ACPI] ACPI poweroff fix
    [ACPI] Allow simultaneous Fixed Feature and Control Method buttons

    Allan Stirling:
    dvb: Twinhan DST: frontend polarization fix

    Andreas Gruenbacher:
    ext3 xattr: Don't write to the in-inode xattr space of reserved inodes
    acl kconfig cleanup

    Andreas Oberritter:
    dvb: add Pluto2 driver

    Andreas Steinmetz:
    [CRYPTO] Add x86_64 asm AES

    Andrew de Quincey:
    dvb: ttpci: support for new TT DVB-T-CI
    dvb: ttpci: add support for Technotrend/Hauppauge DVB-S SE
    dvb: frontend: remove unused I2C ids
    dvb: core: add workaround for tuning problem

    Andrew Hodgson:
    dvb: usb: A800 rc and timeout fixes

    Andrew Morton:
    tlb.h warning fix
    alpha: pgprot_uncached() comment
    x86_64: section alignment fix
    name_to_dev_t warning fix
    [SPARC64]: Fix SMP build failure.
    USB: net2280 warning fix
    USB: khubd: use kthread API
    [ACPI] fix debug-mode build warning in acpi/hotkey.c
    [ACPI] fix build warning
    alpha(): pgprot_noncached
    i2o: config-osm build fix
    iounmap debugging

    Andrew Victor:
    [JFFS2] Use a single config option for write buffer support
    [JFFS2] Add support for JFFS2-on-Dataflash devices.
    [JFFS2] Core changes required to support JFFS2-on-Dataflash devices.

    Anssi Hannula:
    dvb: add missing release_firmware() calls

    Anton Blanchard:
    ppc64: silence perfmon exception warnings
    ppc64: fix compile warning
    ppc64: idle fixups
    ppc64: pSeries idle fixups
    ppc64: iSeries idle fixups
    ppc64: remove duplicate syscall reservation
    ppc64: add ioprio syscalls
    ppc64: sys_ppc32.c cleanups
    move ioprio syscalls into syscalls.h
    ppc64: Turn runlatch on in exception entry
    ppc64: Fix runlatch code to work on pseries machines
    ppc64: use c99 initialisers in cputable code
    mm: quieten OOM killer noise

    Arnd Bergmann:
    xtensa: remove old syscalls

    Artem B. Bityuckiy:
    bugfix: two read_inode() calls without clear_inode() call between
    Merge with rsync://fileserver/linux
    [JFFS2] Simplify the tree insert code.
    [JFFS2] Kill GC thread before cleanup
    [JFFS2] Suppress annoying debug messages
    [JFFS2] Fix NOR only compile
    [JFFS2] Fix race in garbage collector
    [JFFS2] Add KERN_DEBUG level to printks
    [JFFS2] Fix race problems with wbuf.
    [MTD] NAND: Use arrays of needed size instead of constant-sized.
    [JFFS2] Prevent deadlock when flushing write buffer
    [JFFS2] Forbid to free inode_cache objects if its nlink isn't zero.
    [JFFS2] Improve garbage collector block selection
    [MTD] NAND nandsim: Use NAND_SKIP_BBT option
    [JFFS2] Use function to manipulate superblock dirty flag
    [JFFS2] Add symlink caching support.
    [JFFS2] Fix NOR specific scan BUG
    [MTD] Fix unregister_mtd_user() public function documentation.
    [JFFS2] Fix node lookup
    [MTD] NAND: Fix bad block table scan for small page devices
    [MTD] NAND: Read only OOB bytes during bad block scan
    [MTD] NAND: Allow operation without bad block table

    Ashok Raj:
    [ACPI] Evaluate CPEI Processor Override flag

    Ben Collins:
    Sync up ieee-1394

    Ben Dooks:
    [MTD] NAND s3c2410: Add missing NULL pointer check
    [MTD] NAND: s3c24xx updates
    [MTD] NAND s3c2410: Simplify command handling
    [MTD] plat-ram: removed extraneous debugging code
    [MTD] NAND: Fixed unused loop variable
    [MTD] Fixed signed 1bit bitfield
    [MTD] Sparse fixes
    [MTD] Update BAST driver configuration
    [MTD] Add SST 39VF1601 (MPF+) ID
    [MTD] Fixup probing logic for single 16bit devices
    [MTD] Platform RAM Driver
    [MTD] bast-flash partitions fixup

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
    ppc64: Add new PHY to sungem

    Benjamin LaHaise:
    uml: tlb flushing fix

    Bernard Blackham:
    pm: fix u32 vs. pm_message_t confusion in cpufreq

    Bob Picco:

    [IA64] memory-less-nodes repost

    Bodo Stroesser:
    uml: Proper clone support for skas0

    Brian King:
    cdev: cdev_put oops
    USB: fix usb reference count bug in cdc-acm driver
    USB: export usb_get_intf() and usb_put_intf()

    Catalin Marinas:
    ARM: 2789/1: Enable access to both CP10 and CP11 on ARMv6

    Chris Wright:
    Add MAINTAINERS entry for audit subsystem

    Chris Zankel:
    xtensa: remove old syscalls

    Christoph Lameter:
    mostly_read data section
    Fix broken kmalloc_node in rc1/rc2

    Christophe Lucas:
    dvb: ttpci: kj printk fix
    dvb: saa7146: kj pci_module_init cleanup

    Coywolf Qi Hunt:
    [MTD] mtdchar: Return the real error code when create_class() failed

    Dag Arne Osvik:
    [CRYPTO] Add faster DES code from Dag Arne Osvik

    Dan Brown:
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: Add some comments
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: Fix compile w/o CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS.
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: Prevent problems with existing filesystems
    [MTD] NAND: Fix reading of autoplaced OOB when there are multiple free sections.
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: Fix (?) free OOB array info.
    [MTD] NAND: Fix missing NULL pointer check
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: Scan the entire device for Media Headers.

    Dave Airlie:
    drm: fix stupid missing semicolon.
    drm: add 32/64 support for MGA/R128/i915
    drm: wrap config.h include in a ifdef KERNEL
    drm: misc cleanup
    drm: use kcalloc now that it is available..
    drm: ctx release can happen before dev->ctxlist is allocated
    drm: fix minor issues caused by core conversion
    Merge ../linux-2.6/
    drm: Add via unichrome support

    Dave Jones:
    aacraid: swapped kmalloc args.
    Fix up non-NUMA breakage in mmzone.h
    Clean up numa defines in mmzone.h
    Fix bt87x.c build problem for real

    David A. Marlin:
    [MTD] rtc_from4 error status check, disable virtual erase blocks
    [MTD] NAND Add optional ECC status check callback
    [MTD] NAND use symbols instead of literals
    [MTD] Renesas AG-AND device recovery
    [MTD] NAND workaround for AG-AND disturb issue. AG-AND recovery
    [MTD] NAND extended commands, badb block table autorefresh

    David Howells:
    Keys: Base keyring size on key pointer not key struct

    David L Stevens:
    [IPV4]: fix IPv4 leave-group group matching
    [IPV4]: (INCLUDE,empty)/leave-group equivalence for full-state MSF APIs & errno fix
    [IPV4]: multicast API "join" issues
    [IPV4]: multicast API "join" issues
    [IPV4]: multicast API "join" issues

    David S. Miller:
    [SPARC64]: Add missing asm-sparc64/seccomp.h file.
    [SPARC64]: Add syscall auditing support.
    [SPARC64]: Pass regs and entry/exit boolean to syscall_trace()
    [SPARC64]: Add SECCOMP support.
    [SPARC64]: Kill ancient and unused SYSCALL_TRACING debugging code.
    [SPARC64]: Add __read_mostly support.
    [SPARC]: Add ioprio system call support.
    [SCTP]: Use struct list_head for chunk lists, not sk_buff_head.
    [IPV6]: Fix warning in ip6_mc_msfilter.
    [SPARC64]: Support CONFIG_HZ
    [NET]: Transform skb_queue_len() binary tests into skb_queue_empty()
    [SPARC64]: Typo in dtlb_backend.S, _PAGE_SZ4M --> _PAGE_SZ4MB

    David Shaohua Li:
    [ACPI] quiet dmesg related to ACPI PM of PCI devices
    [ACPI] PNPACPI vs sound IRQ
    [ACPI] pci_set_power_state() now calls
    [ACPI] PCI can now get suspend state from firmware
    [ACPI] Bind ACPI and PCI devices
    [ACPI] Bind PCI devices with ACPI devices
    [ACPI] S3 Suspend to RAM: fix driver suspend/resume methods
    [ACPI] S3 Suspend to RAM: interrupt resume fix
    [ACPI] Suspend to RAM fix

    David Vrabel:
    [MTD] Remove Elan-104NC

    David Woodhouse:
    [MTD] Remove MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() for ICHx flash driver
    [JFFS2] Remove compatibilty cruft for ancient kernels
    [JFFS2] Optimise jffs2_add_tn_to_list
    [JFFS2] Fix inode allocation race
    [JFFS2] Prevent ino cache removal for inodes in use
    [JFFS2] Remove NAND dependencies for NOR FLASH
    USB: another cdc descriptor
    USB: fix ohci merge glitch
    USB: ohci-omap pm updates
    USB: omap_udc tweaks
    I2C: minor I2C doc cleanups
    I2C: minor TPS6501x cleanups

    Deepak Saxena:
    ARM: 2796/1: Fix ARMv5[TEJ] check in MMU initalization
    ARM: 2792/1: IXP4xx iomap API implementation

    Denis Vlasenko:
    I2C: Coding style cleanups to via686a

    Dmitry Torokhov:
    [ACPI] Enable EC Burst Mode

    Domen Puncer:
    [MTD] Kernel Janitor fixes.

    Dominik Brodowski:
    yenta: allocate resource fixes
    yenta: same resources in same structs
    pcmcia: Documentation update
    yenta: fix parent resource determination
    pcmcia: fix pcmcia-cs compilation
    yenta: don't depend on CardBus
    pcmcia: update MAINTAINERS entry
    pcmcia: remove references to pcmcia/version.h
    pcmcia: reduce client_handle_t usage
    pcmcia: remove client_t usage
    pcmcia: move event handler
    pcmcia: deprecate ioctl

    Dr. Werner Fink:
    dvb: ttpci: fix AUDUIO_CONTINUE ioctl

    Duncan Sands:
    USB ATM: fix line resync logic
    USB ATM: robustify poll throttling
    USB ATM: line speed measured in Kb not Kib

    Eddie C. Dost:
    [SPARC64]: Fix enable_dma() in asm-sparc64/parport.h
    [DVB]: Do not include <linux/irq.h> from drivers.
    [SPARC64]: Fix set_intr_affinity()
    [SPARC]: Fix "Eddie C. Dost" e-mail address

    Eric W. Biedermann:
    [MTD] CFI-0002 - Improve error checking

    Estelle Hammache:
    [JFFS2] Prevent deadlock during write buffer recovery
    [JFFS2] Code cleanup
    [JFFS2] Fix refile of blocks due to write failure.
    [JFFS2] Fix block refiling
    [JFFS2] Fix write buffer retry case

    Evgeniy Polyakov:
    w1: fix CRC calculation on bigendian platforms.

    Gavin Hamill:
    dvb: ttpci: add support for Hauppauge/TT DVB-C budget

    Geert Uytterhoeven:
    mm/filemap_xip.c compilation fix

    George Anzinger:
    kbuild: build TAGS problem with O=

    Greg KH:
    Fix bt87x.c build problem

    Greg Kroah-Hartman:
    USB: fix ftdi_sio compiler warnings
    USB: add bMaxPacketSize0 attribute to sysfs
    cleanup: remove unnecessary initializer on static pointers
    PCI: fix !CONFIG_HOTPLUG pci build problem

    H. J. Lu:
    [IA64] Fix a typo in arch/ia64/kernel/entry.S

    Hartmut Hackmann:
    dvb: frontend: tda1004x: support tda827x tuners
    dvb: frontend: bcm3510: fix firmware version check
    dvb: frontend: tda1004x update

    Herbert Valerio Riedel:
    [MTD] FTL Fix missing pointer assignment

    Herbert Xu:
    [CRYPTO] Remove unused iv field from context structure
    [CRYPTO] Update IV correctly for Padlock CBC encryption
    [CRYPTO] Handle unaligned iv from encrypt_iv/decrypt_iv
    [CRYPTO] Ensure cit_iv is aligned correctly
    [PADLOCK] Implement multi-block operations
    [PADLOCK] Move fast path work into aes_set_key and upper layer
    [CRYPTO] Add alignmask for low-level cipher implementations
    [CRYPTO] Add support for low-level multi-block operations
    [CRYPTO] Add plumbing for multi-block operations

    Hirokazu Takata:
    m32r: framebuffer device support

    Hugh Dickins:
    lower VM_DONTCOPY total_vm

    Ian Abbott:
    USB ftdi_sio: remove redundant TIOCMBIS and TIOCMBIC code
    USB ftdi_sio: reduce device id table clutter

    Ian Campbell:
    USB: gadget/ether build fixes.
    USB: gadget/ether fixes
    pcmcia: fix i82365 request_region double usage

    Ian Kent:
    autofs4: mistake in debug print

    Ingo Molnar:
    cond_resched(): fix bogus might_sleep() warning

    Ivan Kokshaysky:
    yet another fix for setup-bus.c/x86 merge

    Jack Steiner:
    [IA64] - Disable tiocx driver on non-SN systems

    Jan Kara:
    ext2: fix mount options parting
    ext3: fix options parsing

    Jan Veldeman:
    I2C: Documentation fix

    Jarkko Lavinen:
    [MTD] NAND: Fix the broken dynamic array allocations

    Jean Delvare:
    I2C: Move hwmon drivers (3/3)
    I2C: Move hwmon drivers (2/3)
    I2C: Move hwmon drivers (1/3)
    I2C: Clarify the usage of i2c-dev.h
    I2C: drop bogus eeprom comment
    I2C: m41t00: fix incorrect kfree
    I2C: max6875 Kconfig update
    I2C: max6875 documentation update
    I2C: New max6875 driver may corrupt EEPROMs
    I2C: Strip trailing whitespace from strings

    Jeff Dike:
    uml: skas0 - separate kernel address space on stock hosts
    uml: kill some useless vmalloc tlb flushing

    Jeff Mahoney:
    reiserfs: fix up case where indent misreads the code
    openfirmware: implement hotplug for macio devices
    openfirmware: add sysfs nodes for open firmware devices
    openfirmware: generate device table for userspace

    Jesper Juhl:
    [NET]: Trivial spelling fix patch for net/Kconfig
    [CRYPTO] Add null short circuit to crypto_free_tfm
    [CRYPTO] Don't check for NULL before kfree()

    Jesse Barnes:
    [ACPI] cleanup: delete !IA64_SGI_SN from acpi/Kconfig

    Jesse Millan:
    put_compat_shminfo() warning fix

    Joern Engel:
    [MTD] Fix commandline parser alignement
    [MTD] mtdram: Quick cleanup of the driver:
    [MTD] phram: Allow short reads.
    [MTD] block2mtd: Remove copyright. Fix offset calculation
    [MTD] Use after free, found by the Coverity tool

    Johannes Stezenbach:
    dvb: dst: printk -> dprintk
    dvb: dvb-usb: support Artect T1 with broken USB ids
    dvb: ttpci: cleanup indentation + whitespace
    dvb: ttpci: error handling fix
    dvb: ttpci: budget-av / tu1216 fix for QAM128
    dvb: ttpci: fix bug in timeout handling
    dvb: DVB update
    dvb: frontend: l64781: improve tuning
    dvb: remove obsolete skystar2 driver

    Jonas Holmberg:
    [MTD] amd_flash: Fix chip ID clash

    Josh Boyer:
    [MTD] slram driver cleanup

    Julian Anastasov:
    [IPVS]: Add and reorder bh locks after moving to keventd.

    Julian Scheel:
    dvb: fix kobject names (no slashes)

    USB: coverity: (desc->bitmap)[] overrun fix
    coverity: sunrpc/xprt task null check
    coverity: fs/locks.c flp null check
    coverity: fix fbsysfs null pointer check

    Keiichiro Tokunaga:
    [ACPI] hotplug Processor consideration in acpi_bus_add()
    [ACPI] update CONFIG_ACPI_CONTAINER Kconfig help

    Keith Owens:
    [IA64] restore_sigcontext is not preempt safe
    [IA64] Make ia64 die() preempt safe

    Kenji Kaneshige:
    [IA64] assign_irq_vector() should not panic

    Kyungmin Park:
    [MTD] NAND: Early Manufacturer ID lookup

    Len Brown:
    [ACPI] merge acpi-2.6.12 branch into latest Linux 2.6.13-rc...
    [ACPI] increase MAX_IO_APICS to 64 on i386
    [ACPI] fix merge error that broke CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG=y build
    [ACPI] Deprecate /proc/acpi/sleep in favor of /sys/power/state
    [ACPI] gut acpi_pci_choose_state() to avoid conflict
    [ACPI] CONFIG_ACPI now depends on CONFIG_PM

    Lennert Buytenhek:
    ARM: 2795/1: update ixp2000 defconfigs
    ARM: 2793/1: platform serial support for ixp2000
    [MTD] ixp2000: Remove port setting code

    Linus Torvalds:
    Linux 2.6.13-rc3
    reiserfs: run scripts/Lindent on reiserfs code
    Merge head 'drm-fixes' of
    Merge head 'drm-3264' of
    Merge head 'drm-via' of
    Merge rsync://
    ieee1394: fix broken signed char assumption.

    Luca Risolia:
    USB: SN9C10x driver updates

    Luming Yu:
    [ACPI] EC GPE-disabled issue
    [ACPI] fix EC access width
    [ACPI] generic Hot Key support

    Mac Michaels:
    dvb: frontend: add driver for LGDT3302

    Maciej W. Rozycki:
    [MTD] ms02-nv: Fix 64bit operation

    Manu Abraham:
    dvb: Twinhan DST: frontend fixes

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    remove completly bogus comment inside __alloc_pages() try_to_free_pages handling
    print order information when OOM killing

    Mark Fasheh:
    export generic_drop_inode() to modules

    Mark M. Hoffman:
    i2c: make better use of IDR in i2c-core

    Martin Loschwitz:
    dvb: cinergyT2: endianness fix for raw remote-control keys

    Matt Mackall:
    quiet ide-cd warning

    Matthieu Castet:
    [ACPI] PNPACPI parse error

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
    v4l: TV EEPROM
    v4l: tuner-3026 - replace obsolete ioctl value
    v4l: SAA7134 Update
    v4l: MXB fix to correct tuner ioctl
    v4l: drivers/media/video/Kconfig
    v4l: I2C Tuner
    v4l: I2C Miscelaneous
    v4l: I2C Infrared Remote Control
    v4l: I2C BT832
    v4l: Documentation
    v4l: SAA7134 hybrid DVB
    v4l: CX88 Update
    v4l: BTTV update
    v4l: BTTV input
    v4l: cx88 update

    Michael Downey:
    USB: add driver for Keyspan Digital Remote

    Michael Ellerman:
    ppc64: Be consistent about printing which idle loop we're using
    ppc64: Remove obsolete idle_setup()
    ppc64: Fixup platforms for new ppc_md.idle
    ppc64: Move pSeries idle functions into pSeries_setup.c
    ppc64: Move iSeries_idle() into iSeries_setup.c
    ppc64: Make idle_loop a ppc_md function

    Michael Hund:
    USB: add ldusb driver
    USB: add LD devices to hid blacklist

    Michael Krufky:
    v4l: broken hybrid dvb inclusion
    dvb: LGDT3302 QAM256 initialization fix
    v4l: LGDT3302 read status fix
    v4l: add DVB support for DViCO FusionHDTV3 Gold-T
    v4l: add TerraTec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T
    v4l: add DVB support for DViCO FusionHDTV3 Gold-Q
    v4l: cx88 hue offset fix

    Michael Paxton:
    dvb: usb: vp7045 IR map fix

    Miklos Szeredi:
    __wait_on_freeing_inode fix
    namespace: rename _mntput to mntput_no_expire
    namespace: rename mnt_fslink to mnt_expire
    dcookies.c: use proper refcounting functions
    set mnt_namespace in the correct place
    namespace.c: fix mnt_namespace zeroing for expired mounts
    namespace.c: fix expiring of detached mount
    namespace.c: split mark_mounts_for_expiry()
    namespace.c: cleanup in mark_mounts_for_expiry()
    namespace.c: fix race in mark_mounts_for_expiry()
    namespace.c: fix mnt_namespace clearing

    Miles Bader:
    v850: Update mmu.h header to match implementation changes
    v850: Update checksum.h to match changed function signatures

    Milton Miller:
    hvc_console: Use hvc_get_chars in hvsi code
    hvc_console: Separate the NUL character filtering from get_hvc_chars
    hvc_console: Register ops when setting up hvc_console
    hvc_console: Separate hvc_console and vio code 2
    hvc_console: Separate hvc_console and vio code
    hvc_console: Add some sanity checks
    hvc_console: Statically initialize the vtermnos array
    hvc_console: remove num_vterms and some dead code
    hvc_console: Add missing include
    hvc_console: Unregister the console in the exit routine.
    hvc_console: MAGIC_SYSRQ should only be on console channel
    hvc_console: Dont always kick the poll thread in interrupt
    hvc_console: Match vio and console devices using vterm numbers
    hvc_console: Rearrange code

    nfsd4: fix fh_expire_type
    nfsd4: check lock type against openmode.
    nfsd4: clean up nfs4_preprocess_seqid_op
    nfsd4: clarify close_lru handling
    nfsd4: renew lease on seqid modifying operations
    nfsd4: return better error on io incompatible with open mode
    nfsd4: always update stateid on open
    nfsd4: relax new lock seqid check
    nfsd4: seqid comments
    nfsd4: fix open_reclaim seqid
    nfsd4: comment indentation
    nfsd4: stop overusing RECLAIM_BAD
    nfsd4: ERR_GRACE should bump seqid on lock
    nfsd4: ERR_GRACE should bump seqid on open
    nfsd4: fix release_lockowner
    nfsd4: prevent multiple unlinks of recovery directories
    nfsd4: lookup_one_len takes i_sem
    nfsd4: fix sync'ing of recovery directory
    nfsd4: reboot recovery fix

    Nick Piggin:
    page_uptodate locking scalability

    Nickolai Zeldovich:
    [ACPI] S3 resume -- use lgdtl, not lgdt

    Nico Pitre:
    [MTD] Add mapping driver for Intel PXA27x Mainstone board flash.

    Nicolas Pitre:
    [MTD] CFI flash locking reorg for XIP
    [MTD] Fix OTP for top-parameter devices
    [MTD] Reset file position when switching OTP mode
    [MTD] Add reboot notifier to Intel NOR flash driver
    [MTD] cfi_cmdset_0001: Fix state after sync
    [MTD] Make OTP actually work.
    [MTD] Quiet unused variable warning
    [MTD] Unabuse file-f_mode for OTP purpose
    [MTD] User interface to Protection Registers
    [MTD] Support for protection register support on Intel FLASH chips
    [MTD] Add OTP basisc

    Nicolas S. Dade:
    [MTD] NAND: Add Hynix to manufacturer list

    Nishanth Aravamudan:
    xtensa: use ssleep() instead of schedule_timeout()
    [IA64] use msleep_interruptible() instead of schedule_timeout

    Olaf Hering:
    MAINTAINERS: is subscribers only
    [IA64] remove linux/version.h include from arch/ia64
    ppc64: vdso32: fix link errors after recent toolchain changes

    Olaf Kirch:
    [IPV4]: Prevent oops when printing martian source

    Olav Kongas:
    USB: Fix kmalloc's flags type in USB
    USB: isp116x-hcd cleanup

    Oliver Endriss:
    dvb: ttpci: fix timeout handling to be save with PREEMPT
    dvb: ttpci: make av7110_fe_lock_fix() retryable

    Panagiotis Issaris:
    [ACPI] check for kmalloc failure in toshiba_acpi.c

    Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:
    uml:remove user_constants.h on clean
    uml: remove winch sem
    uml: restore hppfs support

    Patrick Boettcher:
    dvb: usb: fix some typos
    dvb: usb: README update
    dvb: usb: add supprt for WideView WT-220U
    dvb: usb/pci: correct syntax of driver name fields
    dvb: usb: dont use HZ for timeouts
    dvb: usb: IR input fixes
    dvb: usb: fix WideView USB ids
    dvb: usb: add vp7045 IR keymap
    dvb: usb Kconfig help text update
    dvb: usb doc update
    dvb: usb: digitv memcpy fix
    dvb: usb: add VideoWalker DVB-T USB ids
    dvb: usb: cxusb DVB-T fixes
    dvb: usb: dvb_usb_properties init fix
    dvb: usb: digitv-usb fixes
    dvb: frontend: add ALPS TDED4 PLL
    dvb: usb: add module parm to disable remote control polling
    dvb: usb: support Medion hybrid USB2.0 DVB-T/analogue box
    dvb: frontend: add FMD1216ME PLL
    dvb: usb: add isochronous streaming method
    dvb: usb: fix ADSTech Instant TV DVB-T USB2.0 support
    dvb: flexcop: woraround irq stop problem
    dvb: flexcop: add big endian register definitions
    dvb: frontend: cx22702: support for cxusb

    Paulo Marques:
    [ACPI] fix kmalloc size bug in acpi/video.c

    Pavel Machek:
    video doc: one more system where video works with S3
    pm: clean up process.c
    swsusp: fix error handling
    pm: Fix resume from initrd
    pm: more u32 vs. pm_message_t fixes

    Pavel Roskin:
    pcmcia: remove client services version (fix)
    pcmcia: remove client services version

    Pete Popov:
    [MTD] Replace all the Au1x mapping drivers with a simplified single driver

    Pete Zaitcev:
    USB: Patch to make usbmon to print control setup packets

    Peter Beutner:
    dvb: core: dmxdev cleanups
    dvb: core: demux error handling fix
    dvb: core: fix race condition in FE_READ_STATUS ioctl

    Phil Dibowitz:
    USB Storage: Remove unneeded SC/P

    Phil Oester:
    [NETFILTER]: Revert nf_reset change

    Prarit Bhargava:
    [IA64] hotplug/ia64: SN Hotplug Driver - PREEMPT/pcibus_info fix
    [IA64] hotplug/ia64: SN Hotplug Driver - SN Hotplug Driver code
    [IA64] hotplug/ia64: SN Hotplug Driver - new SN PROM version code
    [IA64] hotplug/ia64: SN Hotplug Driver - pci_find_next_bus export
    [IA64] hotplug/ia64: SN Hotplug Driver: moving of header files
    [IA64] hotplug/ia64: SN Hotplug Driver: SN IRQ Fixes

    Randy Dunlap:
    hardirq uses preempt

    Richard Purdie:
    [MTD] sharpsl-flash: Correct error paths
    [MTD] Add support for more SharpSL machines and fix missing mapping init
    [MTD] NAND SharpSL fix default partition size

    Robert Love:

    Robert Moore:
    ACPICA 20050408 from Bob Moore

    Roland Dreier:
    IB uverbs: add documentation file
    IB uverbs: add mthca user QP support
    IB uverbs: add mthca user CQ support
    IB uverbs: add mthca user MR support
    IB uverbs: add mthca user PD support
    IB uverbs: add mthca mmap support
    IB uverbs: add mthca user context support
    IB uverbs: add mthca user doorbell record support
    IB uverbs: add mthca ABI header
    IB uverbs: hook up Kconfig/Makefile
    IB uverbs: memory pinning implementation
    IB uverbs: core implementation
    IB uverbs: add user verbs ABI header
    IB uverbs: update mthca for new API
    IB uverbs: update kernel midlayer for new API
    IB uverbs: core API extensions

    Roland McGrath:
    reset real_timer target on exec leader change

    Roman Zippel:
    tty output lossage fix

    Russell King:
    yenta: no CardBus if IRQ fails
    [MTD] Fix MTD device probing

    Sam Ravnborg:
    [NET]: move config options out to individual protocols
    [NET]: add a top-level Networking menu to *config
    kbuild: build a single module using 'make dir/module.ko'

    Sean Young:
    [MTD] Use correct major number for INFTL

    Shaohua Li:
    MTRR suspend/resume cleanup

    Stefan Sorensen:
    ARM: 2790/1: Properly terminate plat_serial8250_port arrays on ixdp425 and

    Steffen Motzer:
    dvb: dst: fix tuning problem

    Stephen Rothwell:
    remove asm-xtensa/ipc.h

    Thomas Gleixner:
    [MTD] XIP cleanup
    [MTD] NAND: Remove unmaintained tx49xx board drivers
    [MTD] NAND: sharpsl.c set correct file permissions
    [MTD] cfi_cmdset_0002: Remove bogus include
    [MTD] NAND: Add ST chip IDs.
    [MTD] NAND: Change exports to _GPL
    [MTD] NAND: Fix broken bad block table scan
    [MTD] NAND: Reorganize chip locking
    Merge with rsync://fileserver/linux
    [MTD] Fix it really
    [MTD] map.h Use the correct macro and fix the resulting compiler warning
    [MTD] Make map_word_ff ware of the flash buswidth
    [MTD] cfi_cmdset_0002: Fix broken status check
    Merge with rsync://
    [JFFS2] Whitespace cleanup. Fix missing debug message
    [JFFS2] Fix crosscompile
    [JFFS2] Fix cleanup in case of GC-Task not started
    [JFFS2] Convert thread start semaphore to completion
    [MTD] NAND: Honour autoplacement schemes supplied by the caller
    [MTD] Fix broken user ABI
    [MTD] NAND: Move the NULL check into the calling function
    [MTD] NAND: Fix oob available calculation
    [MTD] plat-ram: Make it usable on non ARM platforms
    [MTD] block2mtd: Fix incompatible pointer type
    [MTD] cfi_cmdset_0001: Fix compiler warnings
    [MTD] Fix typo in Kconfig
    [MTD] cfi_cmdset_0001: Fix the buggy status check.
    [MTD] Add the reverse operation of cfi_build_cmd()
    [MTD] NAND: Use cond_resched instead of msleep
    [MTD] NAND: Check command timeout
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: Wait for the command to finish.
    [MTD] NAND: Skip bad block table scan on request
    [MTD] DiskOnChip: big endian fix for NFTL devices
    [MTD] DiskOnChip code cleanup
    [MTD] DiskOnChip use CONFIG_ options instead of random symbols
    [MTD] NAND replace yield

    Thomas Winischhofer:
    USB: SiS USB Makefile fixes

    Todd Poynor:
    ARM: 2791/1: Add CRCs for aliased ARM symbols
    [MTD] NOR flash map driver for TI OMAP boards.
    [MTD] mtdchar.c: Replace DEVFS by udev
    [MTD] XIP for AMD CFI flash.
    [MTD] CFI DEBUG_LOCK_BITS fixes for Intel NOR flash:
    [MTD] Avoid compile warnings for Intel CFI flash without OTP support.
    [MTD] cfi_cmdset_0001: Skip delay if Instant Block Locking is set
    [JFFS2] Avoid warning for empty filesystems

    Tommy Christensen:
    [VLAN]: Fix early vlan adding leads to not functional device

    Tony Lindgren:
    ARM: 2803/1: OMAP update 11/11: Add cpufreq support
    ARM: 2805/1: OMAP update 10/11: Update H2 defconfig
    ARM: 2804/1: OMAP update 9/11: Update OMAP arch files
    ARM: 2802/1: OMAP update 8/11: Update OMAP arch files
    ARM: 2812/1: OMAP update 7c/11: Move arch-omap to plat-omap
    ARM: 2809/1: OMAP update 7b/11: Move arch-omap to plat-omap
    ARM: 2807/1: OMAP update 7a/11: Move arch-omap to plat-omap
    ARM: 2801/1: OMAP update 6/11: Split OMAP1 common code into id, io and serial
    ARM: 2806/1: OMAP update 5/11: Move board files into mach-omap1 directory
    ARM: 2799/1: OMAP update 4/11: Move OMAP1 LED code into mach-omap1 directory
    ARM: 2800/1: OMAP update 3/11: Move OMAP1 core code into mach-omap1 directory
    ARM: 2798/1: OMAP update 2/11: Change ARM Kconfig to support omap1 and omap2
    ARM: 2797/1: OMAP update 1/11: Update include files

    Tony Luck:
    Auto merge with /home/aegl/GIT/linus
    Auto merge with /home/aegl/GIT/linus
    [IA64] fix generic/up builds
    Auto merge with /home/aegl/GIT/linus

    Uwe Bugla:
    fix for Documentation/dvb/bt8xx.txt?=

    Venkatesh Pallipadi:
    [ACPI] enable C2 and C3 idle power states on SMP
    [ACPI] fix C1 patch for IA64
    [ACPI] update /proc/acpi/processor/*/power even if only C1 support

    Victor Fusco:
    [NET]: Fix sparse warnings

    Wolfgang Rohdewald:
    dvb: ttpci: more error handling for firmware communication
    dvb: ttpci: fix error handling for firmware communication

    Yoichi Yuasa:
    TB0219: add PCI IRQ initialization

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