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    Subject[PATCH 0/19] Kconfig I18N completion

    The following patches complete the "Kconfig I18N support" patch by

    The following parts are internationalised:
    - Kconfig prompt, help, comment and menu texts
    - full visible configuration interfaces
    - error messages if the user can correct the errors (ex. saving config
    - answering (Y/M/N)
    - option's value if it is a choice (viewing only)

    Without I18N support:
    - symbol names (CONFIG_xxx)
    - Kconfig parsing errors in LKC
    - lxdialog's errors
    - content of the config file
    - disabled debug messages in the source code

    Some incomplete language files are downloadable from the page for testing (langpack).

    Currently available:
    - Italian (98%)
    - Hungarian (67%)
    - French (37%)
    - Catalan (10%)
    - Russian (5%)

    All patches are tested without any problems.

    Please apply the patches.

    Egry Gabor

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