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SubjectRe: dies after 24 hours

> There is a much less complex solution that I've just recently gotten
> working
> in the SUSE kernel. If reiser3/ext3 don't log the inode during atime
> updates, the problem goes away.
> You can solve this now by mounting with -o noatime (although that might
> not
> play well with cyrus, not sure). My current patch works around this in
> ugly
> ways, what I plan on doing during OLS is finding out why ext3 is still
> logging the inode all the time.

Well we have always mounted our cyrus filesystems with:


And the problem was occuring all the time with these mount options. We've
since also added on your suggestion nolargeio=1 and used the patch Vladimir
created. I'm not sure which of those fixed the problem, but it definitely
has not occured since we did those last 2 things.

Are you saying that if you mount with noatime *and* use your new patch it
will fix the problem?

What about the 2 threads linked to. Did those end up getting anywhere?



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