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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Runtime fix for intermodule.c
    On Wednesday 13 July 2005 01:39, Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
    > This little patch adds the missing function declaration
    > of the deprecatated function call inter_module_get
    > to the header file include/linux/module.h and the
    > necessary EXPORT_SYMBOL to kernel/intermodule.c. Without
    > the declaration and the EXPORT_SYMBOL any module that requires
    > the inter_module_get call will fail upon loading
    > since the symbol inter_module_get cannot be resolved,
    > applying this patch will make those modules work again.

    > Affected modules are for example the ltmodem drivers
    > version 8.31a8 for lucent chipsets, they won't
    > work without the fix.

    Just to be sure I read what I read: you are asking for reexport of a function
    that was officially deprecated 9 months ago on the grounds that said reexport
    would be useful for a crappy [1] proprietary module?

    [1] Semi-randomly freezing serial mouse after loading.
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