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SubjectRe: [PATCH][help?] Radeonfb acpi resume
Matthew Garrett wrote:
> Micheal Marineau <> wrote:
>>+ if (pdev->dev.power.power_state != 4)
>>+ {
>>+ pci_restore_state (pdev);
>>+ acpi_vgapost (pdev->devfn);
>>+ }
> Please *don't* make this unconditional. There's no guarantee that the
> video BIOS is postable after initial system boot. A boot-time parameter
> to enable it seems reasonable, but in general we're likely to stand a
> much better chance getting it working in userspace.

A kernel parameter seems reasonable, I assume that pci_restore_state
shoule remain unconditional right? Userspace works just fine if
the frame buffer is not used, but it has to be done in kernel when
using a frame buffer.

Michael Marineau
Oregon State University
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