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    SubjectRe: reiser4 vs politics: linux misses out again
    Horst von Brand (
    [on reiserfs4]
    >> >> and _can_ do things
    >> >> no other FS can
    > Mostly useless things...

    Depends on your point of view. If you define things to be useful
    only when POSIX requires them, then yes, reiser4 contains a lot
    of useless stuff.
    However, it's the 'beyond POSIX'-stuff what makes reiser4

    Multistream files have been useful on other OSses for years. They
    might be useful on Linux too (Samba will surely like them).

    The plugin architecture is very interesting. Sometimes you don't
    need files to be in the POSIX namespace. Why would you want to
    store a mysql database in files? Why not skip the overhead of the
    VFS and POSIX rules and just store them in a more efficient way?
    Maybe you can create a swapfile plugin. No need for a swapfile to
    be in the POSIX namespace either.
    It's just a fun thing to experiment with. It's not always
    nescesary to let the demand create the means. Give programmers
    some powerful tools and wait and see what wonderful things start
    to evolve.

    And yes, maybe in ten years time POSIX is just a subsystem in
    Linux. Maybe commerciale Unix vendors will start following Linux
    as 'the' standard instead of the other way around. Seems fun to
    me :-)

    I think this debate will mostly boil down to 'do we want to
    experiment with beyond-POSIX filesystems in linux?'.
    Clearly we don't _need_ it now. There simply are no users. But
    will users come when reiser4 is merged? Nobody knows.

    IMHO reiser4 should be merged and be marked as experimental. It
    should probably _always_ be marked as experimental, because we
    _know_ we're going to need some other -- more generic -- API when
    we decide we like the features of reiser4. The reiser4 APIs
    should probably be implemented as generic VFS APIs. But since we
    don't know yet what features we're going to use, let reiser4 be
    self contained. Maybe reiser5 or reiser6 will follow standard
    VFS-beyond-POSIX rules, with ext4 and JFS2 also implementing them.

    It's just too damn hard to predict the future. IMHO better just
    merge reiser4 and let it be clear to everybody that reiser4 is an
    As long as it doesn't affect the rest of the kernel and it's
    clear to the users that reiser4 is *not* going to be the
    standard, it's fine with me.

    Erik Hensema <>
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