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    SubjectRe: share/private/slave a subtree - define vs enum

    On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Horst von Brand wrote:

    > > I don't generally disagree with that, I just think that defines are not
    > > part of that list.
    > Covered in "bad coding style" and "hard to read code", at least.

    Somehow I missed the last lkml debate about where simple defines where a

    > > Look, it's great that you do reviews, but please keep in mind it's the
    > > author who has to work with code and he has to be primarily happy with,
    > > so you don't have to point out every minor issue.
    > Wrong. The author has to work with the code, but there are much more people
    > that have to read it now and fix it in the future. It doesn't make sense
    > having everybody using their own indentation style, variable naming scheme,
    > and ways of defining constants.

    I didn't say this, I said "minor issues". Please read more carefully.

    bye, Roman
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