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    SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
    David Masover <> writes:


    > That's not to say that none of this should be userspace, just that some
    > of it most certainly *never* needs to touch userspace, such as
    > cryptocompress.

    It seems that transparent encryption and compression really has little
    to do file-as-directory and metafs. There needs to be a mechanism for
    specifying (per-process or per-user) keys to the kernel, but other than
    that, the file or directory on which this transparent
    encryption/compression has been enabled can just be accessed normally.
    An attempt to access a file or directory for which a key is not
    available would give EPERM (or possibly the encrypted data, but this
    would be problematic for directories; it also might be the case that
    only encryption of file contents and file names would be supported).

    > I'm not guessing that you wanted to make it FUSE, I just want to be
    > pre-emptive here. FUSE will NOT work well for this.

    In suggesting the file-path-based search facility (which, by the way, is
    an interface that does not allow for searching with terms that include
    '/'), you surely cannot be suggesting that search-by-artist or IDv3 tag
    support be added to the kernel.


    Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
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