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SubjectRe: ipw2100: firmware problem

> > > Currently, when we install the driver, it associates to any open network on
> > > boot. This is good, cause we don't want to be typing the commands all the
> > > time just to associate. It works this way now and is pretty nice.
> >
> > What is so nice about this? That Linux novice user with his new lappie
> > will join a neighbor's network every time he powers up the lappie,
> > even without knowing that?
> I love this behavior, because it means that I don't have to do
> anything special to get my setup at home working.
> Me caveman
> Me plug in wireless router
> Me watch pretty lights
> Me turn on computer
> Me up interface
> Computer work
> Me no care other cavemen use wireless link
> Configuration knobs are _madness_. Things should work with minimal
> intervention and configuration.

I'm not saying it should not work automagically. But it is wrong to
start transmitting on wireless as soon as kernel boots. It should stay
quiet in the radio until it is either told to talk or until interface
is upped.

That way

* above still works, only radio chat begins one step later

* if you are in environment where you absolutely do not want it to
talk on the radio (airplane, BlackHatCon with APs trying to hack you
all around), you can make it quiet without needing kernel/module

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