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Subject[OT] Re: BUG: Unusual TCP Connect() results.
On Jun 9, 2005, at 16:51:39, Alastair Poole wrote:
> The number of ports listed changes in size and they appear to be
> random. For example, on one scan ports

> 22, 3455, 4532 and 6236

SSH and 3 RPC-based services, I would guess. This is not a kernel
bug, there are probably userspace applications which are opening
those ports, even something as simple as an FTP client in active
mode would do it. Please run "netstat -lp" to determine which
processes have opened each port.

> It is also interesting to note that a basic TCP nmap scan does not
> return these unusual results.

nmap doesn't scan higher-numbered ports by default, because those
ports are generally allocated dynamically by the kernel when user
programs indicate they do not care what port they are bound on.

Kyle Moffett
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