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SubjectRe: Linux v2.6.12-rc6

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Linus, perhaps your scripts are doing something wrong? They should
> have taken From in the description; or did I provide wrong changelog?

My scripts definitely do the expected thing.

In git, the author is always in the fixed header, and you never look for
it anywhere else. However, in order for the author to _get_ there in the
first place, the person who commits the thing needs to haev the author

In this case it was me, and I get the author information from the email
when I commit an emailed patch. I take it from the first line of the body
if that one is a valid "From:" line, and otherwise I fall back to taking
it from the headers of the email.

So in this case you got tagged, either because the patch came through
Andrew (it has his sign-off) and _he_ sent the email but incorrectly had
you as the "From:" person, or alternatively because you sent the email and
took Andrew's sign-off but didn't put the "From:" in the right spot.

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