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    SubjectRe: question why need open /dev/console in init() when starting kernel
    On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Wakko Warner wrote:

    > Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    >> For error messages (as well as it's the law)! Init needs a terminal.
    >> Init is the 'father' of all future tasks and they need a default terminal
    >> too.
    > Is it at all possible that if /dev/console does not exist that the kernel
    > can mknod it?

    Yes. Your initial console can be NULL, set as a kernel command-line
    parameter. You should really be using an initial RAM disk (initrd).
    That gets mounted for boot, containing whatever is necessary to
    properly start the system, then change to the file root (or not).
    This is how hundreds of different embeded systems are started.

    Execute-in-place, which I think you are trying with 'cpio' will
    continue to give you problems because you can't test it except
    by throwing it off-the-cliff to see if it flies. RAM-disk systems
    can be tested, booting on any media (even a floppy).

    > Would the code to do this be larger than 2 entries in a cpio archive (one
    > for /dev directory and one for /dev/console char dev)?
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