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    SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
    Markus Törnqvist <> wrote:


    > Note that MacOS has the monopoly on what they ship, Linux has a
    > motherload of file managers and window systems and all.

    Yep. Part of what is nice about it, too ;-)

    > What pisses me off is the fact that Gnome and friends implement
    > their own incompatible-with-others VFS's and automounters and
    > stuff.

    Then get them to agree on a common framework! They are trying hard to get
    other parts of the GUI work well together, so this isn't far off in
    wishfull thinking land.

    > Surely supporting this in the kernel and extending the LSB
    > to require this is the best step to take without infringing
    > anyone's freedom as such.

    Right. So then we have Gnome's way of doing things (Gnome isn't just for
    Linux!), KDE's way, XFCE's way, ... (ditto). Plus the kernel way. Flambee
    with a monthly thread on all reachable fora about "Why on &%@# does the
    %&~#@ GUI not use the *#%&@ kernel's way?!".

    This is /not/ the way of fxing that particular problem. Shoving random
    stuff into the kernel /can't/ force its use. At least not until Linux is
    the only Unixy system around, and that is still some way off. And when that
    has happened, the kernel's way must be /clearly/ better for /all/ users, or
    it won't matter.
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