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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/16] IB uverbs: memory pinning implementation
Roland Dreier <> wrote:
> Add support for pinning userspace memory regions and returning a list
> of pages in the region. This includes tracking pinned memory against
> vm_locked and preventing unprivileged users from exceeding RLIMIT_MEMLOCK.

Can you tell us a bit more about the design ideas here? What's it doing,
how and why?

We should look at these things and also decide whether some of this should
live in mm/*.

> +int ib_umem_get(struct ib_device *dev, struct ib_umem *mem,
> + void *addr, size_t size, int write)
> +{
> ...
> + if (!can_do_mlock())
> + return -EPERM;
> +
> ...
> + if ((locked > lock_limit) && !capable(CAP_IPC_LOCK)) {

The capable() test is redundant.
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