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SubjectRe: [02/07] [SCSI] qla2xxx: Pull-down scsi-host-addition to follow board initialization.
Chris Wright <> wrote:
> * Andrew Morton ( wrote:
> > The threshold for "what belongs in -stable" is a) set too high and b)
> > over-zealously enforced.
> Do you have things you'd like to see in -stable that didn't make the
> cut?

Nope - I'm just making vague unsubstantiated accusations ;)

<general handwaving> Given the number of bugs which are present in each
release (as evidenced by the amount of stuff we're fixing), there's a hell
of a lot of material which _could_ go into -stable.

I suspect some things are slipping through. It's a big job though.

I didn't help much in 2.6.11.x and am paying more attention this time,
mainly by being more vigilant looking at the commits list.

2.6.11.x was the first time and things are still getting underway.
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