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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
On Llu, 2005-06-27 at 10:18, Markus Törnqvist wrote:
> Sure, "other people merge design-breakers and bugs" is NOT a justification
> for merging Reiser4, of course, but Reiser4's track record has vastly
> cleaned itself up.

The discussion is about merging from -mm, not into -mm. The merge into
-mm isn't at all under discussion so I don't the relevance of the

> 0. Namesys addresses the code beautification reqs mentioned here earlier.
> 1. Merge Reiser4 sans metas into 2.6.13.
> 2. Namesys can have a separate metas patch for testing.
> 3. Gradually merge Reiser4 architecture into VFS and if this really
> requires a 2.7, as (iirc) Valdis Kletnieks suggested, make it so.
> Might do the rest of the kernel some good too.

0 and 1 look like the first right steps to take to me as well. That will
allow people to use reiser4 and give it a good hammering see what comes
out and how it benches in real life.


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