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SubjectProblems with Firewire and -mm kernels (was: Re: 2.6.12-mm2)
Hi, Andrew.

I am experiencing problems with -mm kernels and my firewire HD. I can use
it without any problems with Linus's 2.6.12, but I had problems with both
-mm1 and -mm2 (I just compiled -mm2 to see if the problem would go away,
but it didn't).

I am using the same .config file for all compiles, except that I wanted to
use the -mm tree for some things that I think would be orthogonal to the
issue (like using FUSE, for example).

I can't provide more details now, but as soon as I go to work with the
machine that presented the problem, I can give you all the details.

Essentially, what happens with -mm kernels that don't happen with Linus's
kernel is that the sbp2 module gets loaded, but it seems that the subsystem
never gets to actually see the partitions of the HD (I am using a HFS+
formatted disk for transfers of data between Linux and MacOS X).

If others also have the problem, I would like to know about it.

The Firewire controller that I am using is a vanilla VIA card and the HD is
a Seagate PATA HD in a Firewire enclosure (it's a ADS Tech DLX-185, if I am
not mistaken).

As I said, I can provide further details if wanted/needed.

Thanks for your work, Rogério.

Rogério Brito : :
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