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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Allow number of IDE interfaces to be selected (X86)
    On Sad, 2005-06-25 at 16:41, Nick Warne wrote:
    > A small patch I done to allow X86 users to select the max number of IDE
    > interfaces they have - this eliminates the need for passing idex=noprobe on
    > the command line and/or stops the needless probes at boot on non-existant IDE
    > interfaces.

    The needless probe cases patch went into -mm already. Also your change
    doesn't eliminate the need for noprobe in cases where its not the first
    or second interface in order.

    The assumption most x86 users will only have two IDE interfaces is also
    generally wrong today, although they may fall under the SATA driver on
    newer boards.

    I don't think this patch should go in - the one real reason for having
    it in embedded boxes was saving memory. The right fix for that is
    already something Bartlomiej has talked about fixing - the static
    allocation of the ide_hwifs array itself.


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