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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Allow number of IDE interfaces to be selected (X86)
On Sunday 26 June 2005 18:55, you wrote:

> I don't think this patch should go in - the one real reason for having
> it in embedded boxes was saving memory. The right fix for that is
> already something Bartlomiej has talked about fixing - the static
> allocation of the ide_hwifs array itself.

OK :-).

But I learnt a lot here on the kernel.

Also found not to cut 'n' paste from nano in X. It doesn't perserve tabs...
so the patch was bum anyway. I only found out it was fubar when I was
looking at what Matt done to get the struct sizes on different vmlinuz
builds, and cut and paste back into a file from the mail.

But here is the results anyway using my .config but with the option off and

Orig (off):

bash-2.05b# nm -t d -rS --size-sort linux-2.6.12orig/vmlinux | grep hwifs
0000003225966208 0000000000014080 B ide_hwifs

With the IDE selection option (but not EMBEDDED) with 2 IDE interfaces
selected (on with 2):

bash-2.05b# nm -t d -rS --size-sort linux-2.6.12/vmlinux | grep hwifs
0000003225974400 0000000000002816 B ide_hwifs

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Don't grumble, Give a whistle..."
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