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    SubjectRe: [ltp] IBM HDAPS Someone interested? (Accelerometer)
    Paul Sladen wrote:

    >On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Lee Revell wrote:
    >>Yup, it's just doing port IO. Get a kernel debugger for windows like
    >>softice and this will be trivial to RE.
    >There are 3 ports involved. The 0xed "non-existant delay port" and a pair
    >of ports that are through the Super-I/O / IDE. They are used in a
    >index+value setup similar to reading/writing the AT keyboard controller.
    >>From what I remember, my conclusion was that these instructions were the
    >ones to park the heads and then lock the IDE bus. It's a couple of months
    >ago, but somewhere I have the simplified version of what it was doing...
    > -Paul
    Paul, if you can find that information and Join us into the Project,
    then we will be very happy about it. I hope you still have your
    ThinkPad. ;-)

    So, let me get this correct. The Super-I/O only sends the information or
    should we be reading the information of what the accelerometer is

    The way I was thinking about it, is that you would only read from the
    accelerometer, and within the value that is read, you will park or not
    the heads depending on how sensitive the user specified the option on
    the driver.

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