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Subject[ANNOUNCE] ORT - Oops Reporting Tool v.b3
Hi all,

Here is our (see copyright section ;)) simple script that help to create
a bug report:

Why do we do this?
Because many people don't have time to prepare a good (with all
importrant pieces of information) bug report.

How does it work?
It creates file with information about your system (software, hardware,
used modules etc.), add file with oops into it and in the future sends
it to the chosen mainterner or lkml.

How can you help?
If you know something about bash scripting you can review it, add some
useful features and make some optimalisations. Or just send me an idea.

- point_7_9() (/proc copy) (tar.bz2 is toooo big...)
- point_7_10() (/sys copy)
- point_7_11() (sysctl -A)
- ort_sig() ;)

Michał Piotrowski
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