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SubjectRe: [RFC] Fix SMP brokenness for PF_FREEZE and make freezing usable for other purposes
> > > I only know that this boots correctly since I have no system that can do
> > > suspend. But Ray needs an effective means of process suspension for
> > > his process migration patches.
> >
> > Any i386 or x86-64 machine can do suspend... It should be easy to get
> > some notebook... [What kind of hardware are you working on normally?]
> Umm... Sorry to be so negative but that has never worked for me on lots of
> laptops. Usually something with ACPI or some driver I guess... After
> awhile I gave up trying.

You should be able to do acpi=off if it gives you a problem. Going
with minimal drivers help, too...

> > Previous code had important property: try_to_freeze was optimized away
> > in !CONFIG_PM case. Please keep that.
> Obviously that will not work if we use try_to_freeze for
> non-power-management purposes. The code from kernel/power/process.c may
> have to be merged into some other kernel file. kernel/sched.c?

You want to use it for process migration, right? Not everyone wants
either software or process migration... We may want to keep overhead
low for embedded systems...


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