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SubjectRE: [ltp] Re: IBM HDAPS Someone interested?

> >
> > io ports 0x2E, 0x2F and 0xED aren't assigned to anything "known"
> > on other computers, are they? Someone with windows, softice and
> > tendency to reach deep insights into life, the universe and
> everything,
> > might find it fun to stare at.
> >
> Now you're talking my language... nope, they aren't used on any of my
> machines... hmm... Anyone want to lend me their Thinkpad? ;-P
> Of course, with IO breakpoints, you don't even have to do
> that, but the
> register read/write routines are a good place to work
> backwards from...
> Lee


I can lend you the laptop with SSH. :) I'll out the dammed thing with a
public IP and anyone can do whatever they want to with it. (Of course, that
won't kill the PC) ;-|

That is all I can do.

Also, if anyone wants to check this pdf, it talks about the protection
system and how well it worked...


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