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SubjectRe: reiser4 plugins
Alan Cox wrote:

> SMP scaling.

Reiser4 should do much better at this, as it was designed for it. I
wish we had a nice hunking multiprocessor to verify that and work
through the inevitable unintended sources of bottlenecks though.

>>You know how many I've had thrashed on Reiser4? Two. The first one was
>>with a VERY early alpha/beta, and the second one was when I dropped a
>>laptop and the disk failed.
>Entirely or bad blocks ? The latter should have a minimal cost on a well
>designed fs.
>>Duplication of effort. With plugins, we can optimize the upper layers
>>of ALL filesystems, regardless of the lower layers, in such a way that
>In which case the features belong in the VFS as all those with
>experience and kernel contributions have been arguing.
So you fundamentally reject the prototype it in one fs and then abstract
it to others development model?

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