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SubjectRe: Support multiply-LUN devices in ub
On Thu, 2 Jun 2005 12:37:16 -0700, Greg KH <> wrote:

> It's showing up in the -mm tree, right? I held off sending this to
> Linus as I thought it didn't fit into the "bugfix" only type of patch
> that we should be sending so late in the -rc series. Granted the -rc
> series is taking forever...

Yes, I take it into account when Linus or Marcelo ask to hold features.
In this case, however, it was ready for the immediate post-2.6.11 develoment
window and due to unfortunate circumstances it missed that window.
I do not claim that it's a bugfix, and I'm not shameless enough to ask
this in 2.6.11.X.

> So, do you want me to push it to him now? It's your choice.

I think it's better.

-- Pete
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