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SubjectJörg Schilling again... [Please reply CC: ]
A few weeks ago I was updating cdrecord, and as ever when doing 
updates I'm RTFM (as any user should). Now while doing so I ran about
a few lines, complainung about the Linux developers attitude to some
patched, and so on, well, the address developers surely know what I
mean. However I was disturbed by the fact, that despite a lot of
flaming there only few code examples. Admittingly: Not getting back
the SCSI error codes is a problem (it somehow reminds me on the GPL
vs. BSD joke, where GPL people try to fetch any sort of error while
BSD people just don't let errors happen), but communicating with HW
it's surely a good idea to do as much error checking possible, as
long it's for a sane reason and not just for the heck of it.

So there was this patch by Jörg Schilling, which IMHO inroduced a nice
solution to the problem, yet keeping compatibility. The awnser by
Douglas Gilbert seemed not so elegant to me. However I also know that
you don't reject a patch without reason. And this is what I wasn't
able to find on the archives.

Lately I had a few emails with Jörg and despite his contra Linux
attitude (Ok, he likes OpenSolaris more than Linux, so let him do so;
but instead of OpenSolaris, which tries to follow a pure academic
style, Linux _just works_) I got no information of any real technical
Well I didn't cared about the so called issues, as I never had
problems with cdrecord - ok the SUID bug required me to workaround,
but nothing that a 5 line sh script and a "%cdrw ALL=(ALL)
NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/cdrecord.real" rule for sudo can't solve.

But a today's post on user forums really made me wonder,
what's the problem of the guy is - on a pure technically base.

So what's the Linux Kernel developers' opinion on the lack of SCSI
error code return, technically?

Happy coding

Wolfgang Draxinger
lead programmer - DARKSTARgames

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