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SubjectDesign Level Documentation for the Linux kernel (V2.6)
Hi, I'm working with the Software Revolution and I thought you guys might 
like to know that we just completed the automatic generation of a full,
design-level documentation of the LINUX kernel and associated sub-systems.
This documentation set is made up of hyperlinked graphics and text documents
of all the major subsystems and all of the source code fields and functions
and is organized by complexity and file-system location. It covers the Linux
kernel, memory management, file-system, security, cryptography,
initialization, drivers, architecture and interprocess communication
subsystems. Furthermore, we're offering this for... well free. I just
thought it was something maybe you guys could use. If you would like to view
this information, just go to:

Any questions or comments anyone might have are more than welcome. Thanks
for your time and we hope you'll find our services useful.

~ Nick w/ TSRI

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