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SubjectRE: Fwd: hpet patches

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jon Smirl []
>Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 4:11 PM
>To: Pallipadi, Venkatesh
>Cc: Bob Picco; Andrew Morton; lkml
>Subject: Re: Fwd: hpet patches
>On 6/14/05, Pallipadi, Venkatesh <> wrote:
>> OK. I was thinking PCI fixup is to late in the initialization for
>> HPET fixup. But, we should be OK with a new ACPI_FIXUP macro. My only
>> other concern is, we should safely fallback to PIT, when our fixed_up
>> HPET address isn't right.
>If we're keying off from the PCI ID for the chip, how can it not have
>the device? On the other hand, it would probably be good to always do
>a little test on the HPET and fall back to the PIT if the HPET is

HPET device itself can be there. But, it can appear in different
addresses. Most commonly used address is 0xfed00000. But, it can be
different as well.

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