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SubjectRe: PREEMPT_RT vs ADEOS: the numbers, part 1

* Karim Yaghmour <> wrote:

> Ingo Molnar wrote:
> > could you send me the .config you used for the PREEMPT_RT tests? Also,
> > you used -47-08, which was well prior the current round of performance
> > improvements, so you might want to re-run with something like -48-06 or
> > better.
> Much to our dislike, we only noticed that we forgot to disable the
> debug options after posting the results :/ So, in all fairness, we
> will be redoing the tests on PREEMPT_RT early next week. [...]

yeah, i suspected something like that - the PREEMPT_RT latency numbers
were so out of whack with anything i've measured on similar boxes. The
debugging features on PREEMPT_RT are powerful but have a high overhead.

could you send me your PREEMPT_RT .config? (whichever version you have
handy) That's the easiest way i can tell you which options to watch out

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