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Subjectnew framebuffer fonts + updated 12x22 font available
I've spent my offline-vacation on improving the fonts for use with the

I've added all the characters marked 'FIXME' in the sun12x22 font and
created a 10x18 font (based on the sun12x22 font) and a 7x14 font (based
on the vga8x16 font).

The total patch is about 300 KiB, so I won't attach it here.

As maintainership of the fonts is unknown to me, I'm posting this to
lkml, fb-devel, Andrew and some choice fb developers.

This patch is non-intrusive, no options are enabled by default so most
users won't notice a thing.

I am placing my changes under the GPL, however, I've not seen any
copyright notices on the sun12x22 font and the vga8x16 font which I
derived my new fonts from so I don't know what the copyright status is.

The patch is available at

I would appreciate inclusion, of course, or constructive comments.

It was not a compliment, but there was praise in it, if one knew how to look.
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