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    SubjectRe: OT] Joerg Schilling flames Linux on his Blog
    Dmitry Torokhov <> wrote:

    > > 10 Years ago, Linux was completely unsuable with Linux /dev/sg* naming
    > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    > > and mapping conventions. After I did develop an abstraction layer that
    > > made Linux usable people could use stable dev= parameters across
    > > reboots of Linux.
    > Joerg, that is the problem. It was 10 years ago. USB was not existant,
    > Firewire wasn't there, FC, etc. You could rely on your naming then.
    > But it was last millenium, now dev= parameters are anything but
    > stable. It just does not cut anymore, while using device node to
    > specify device you want to work with is natural. And I am willing to
    > bet if you give this oprion to users of other Unix-like OSes they
    > would not complain either.

    There is still no new and definitely stable interface that allows me to
    asume that it makes sense to put effort in implementing support for it.

    The natural way to access SCSI is the method I use, ASPI uses and FreeBSD
    uses..... If Linux likes to implement things differntly, they are free
    to do so but the Linux authors need to learn that I don't like to spend my
    time on somethign that might be useless next week. Also note that the fact that
    the Linux kernel by intention hides information I like to see from interfaces that
    the Linux kernel authors like me to use makes it obvious that there is
    no mind on a useful cooperation with me.

    For me it makes sense to wait until I see that this attitide did change.

    I am still interested in cooperation, but this needs to be done in a way that
    does not start with calling me a novice programmer....


    -- (home) Jörg Schilling D-13353 Berlin (uni) (work) Blog:
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