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SubjectBill Gates and the penguim

William Gates died and went directly to Hell. The devil met him to
welcome him home. "Hello Bill!" said the devil, "We've been expecting
you and have prepared a special place. Sorry you tripped on the penguin
and broke your neck but I'm sure you will find your stay here very

The devil then gave Mr. Gates a large laboratory with lots of gigahertz
computers, file-servers, fiber-optic links, and even a disk farm that
required a 200 amp service to run.

There were thousands of different kinds of compilers, assemblers, and
other tools. There was even a super-server running Red-Hat Linux,
containing all the GNU tools.

The devil said; "Well Bill, have a good time. I'll be checking with you
from time-to-time just to see how you are doing!"

In about a week the devil stopped by Bill's lab to see how he was
doing. He said; "Everything is fine. I never had such good equipment
when I was on earth. I'm even planning to join the Linux-kernel list."

Another week went by and the devil visited Bill again. "How are you
doing?" the devil asked.

"Fine.", said Bill, "I have a question, though...."

"Yes?" said the devil.

Bill replied; "I can ping the vger server, I can even `traceroute` to
my old Microsoft site. Everything seems to work, but I can't make any
connections! Every time I attempt to connect, I get an error --
connection refused --." "What's wrong here?"

"That", said the devil "is the HELL of it!"

Dick Johnson
Penguin : Linux version on an i686 machine (5537.79 BogoMips).
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