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    SubjectRe: + UML/x86_64 (2.6.12-rc3+) = oops
    On Sun, May 08, 2005 at 01:18:32AM +0100, Al Viro wrote:
    > Hrm...

    I had a lot of these fixed already. These will be mostly in the fixlets

    > a) stub.S handling breaks on O= builds. Actually, your unprofile
    > breaks there - it's bypassing the machinery that deals with include path.

    $(patsubst -pg,,$(patsubst -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage,,$(1)))

    I don't see any connection to include paths there.

    > b) stub_segv.c on amd64 includes <signal.h>. Not a good idea...

    x86_64 doesn't, but i386 does. Fixed now.

    > c) sysdep-x86_64/checksum.h in -rc4 has csum_partial_copy_from_user()
    > that needs updating (AFAICS, you have that in your patchset, but it hadn't
    > reached Linus)


    > d) ip_compute_csum() prototype is missing (same file)
    > j) ip_compute_csum should be exported on amd64.

    OK, I need to look at this a bit more.

    > e) #define UPT_SYSCALL_RET(r) UPT_RAX(r) is needed in amd64 ptrace.h


    > f) take a good look at UPT_SET() in the same file ;-)

    Sigh. Fixed now.

    > g) CFLAGS_csum-partial.o := -Dcsum_partial=arch_csum_partial in
    > sys-x86_64/Makefile needs to be removed.


    > h) Makefile.rules should be included _after_ SYMLINKS = in the same
    > file.


    > i) sys-x86_64/delay.c needs exports of __udelay() and __const_udelay(),
    > include of linux/module.h and barriers in your delay loop bodies (or games
    > with volatile - anything that would guarantee that gcc won't decide to optimize
    > the entire loop away). The last part applies to i386 as well.

    Looks to me like it all applies to i386 too, except that __delay looks

    It also looks to me like I could implement __udelay as n=... ; __delay(n);

    And also never mind the fact that __udelay and __const_udelay are identical.

    > k) sys-x86_64/syscalls.c needs include "kern.h"

    Fixed now.

    > l) elf-i386.h should include <asm/user.h>, not "user.h"

    Fixed now.

    > m) elf-x86_64.h lacks R_X86_64_... definitions

    Fixed now.

    > n) WTF _is_ that #ifdef TIF_IA32 in there? Aside of the trailing \,
    > we could as well put #error there - free-floating clear_thread_flag(TIF_IA32);> outside of any function body will have that effect anyway.

    The trailing \ aside, which is fixed, that's a reminder for me when I add
    the 32-bit compatibility code.

    > o) in drivers/chan_kern.c we have several printf(KERN_ERR "...");
    > these should become printk, as they clearly had been intended. As it is,
    > they give instant panic if we ever call them.

    Oops. This requires a bit of thought. Offhand, I think they need to be
    printf, because that early in boot, printk'd stuff may not reach the screen
    if UML exits then.

    > p) TOP_ADDR in Kconfig_x86_64 got lost in transmission - your patchset
    > has it, but same patch in Linus' tree does not.


    > I've got patches for everything except (a); that one is really nasty. I hope
    > to sort it out by tonight; if not, I'll just send what I've got by now.

    OK, send me what you have, and if we've fixed the same thing differently,
    I choose one or the other.

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