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    Subject3c509 module and 2.6 kernel: not all NICs are recognized?
    Finally, I tried to boot our gateway machine into 2.6 (
    to be certain) kernel. The machine is quite old, it's 100MHz
    Pentium-classic, yet it works as a router just fine.

    And surprizingly, this is the first machine I tried to upgrade
    to 2.6 which does not work.

    It have 4 3c509 cards, one EISA and 3 ISA. Here's the dmesg
    output when I load 3c509 module on 2.4 kernel:

    eth0: 3c5x9 at 0x2000, 10baseT port, address 00 60 08 4b 31 bf, IRQ 15.
    3c509.c:1.19 16Oct2002
    eth1: 3c5x9 at 0x3000, 10baseT port, address 00 20 af 92 f6 ef, IRQ 7.
    3c509.c:1.19 16Oct2002
    eth2: 3c5x9 at 0x4000, 10baseT port, address 00 20 af 92 83 02, IRQ 5.
    3c509.c:1.19 16Oct2002
    eth3: 3c5x9 at 0x5000, BNC port, address 00 20 af 99 f2 ac, IRQ 12.
    3c509.c:1.19 16Oct2002

    (the last one, with IRQ#12 and BNC port, is EISA).

    But when in 2.6, only this last EISA one is recognized by
    3c509 module.

    Any ideas?


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