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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] DRM depends on ???
    > Why is that case invalid? I may have DRM=y so I get DRM on my
    > PCI graphichs card. Then I might load an agp module in order
    > to use agp on *some other* agp card. I have no problem with DRM=y,AGP=m being
    > invalid for the common
    > single-card setup, but there are multi-card setups too. Not that
    > I need this special case personally - I have two cards but don't use modules.

    Yes but the support costs for me of allowing that second case aren't
    worth it, if people have a special case they don't lose anything by having
    AGP supported DRM in the kernel or AGP in the kernel all the time..
    whereas I don't have to answer a load of questions from people whose AGP
    cards stop working because they build DRM into the kernel and AGP as a


    David Airlie, Software Engineer / airlied at
    Linux kernel - DRI, VAX / pam_smb / ILUG

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