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    SubjectRe: RT patch acceptance

    Bill Huey (hui) wrote:
    > Yes you have.

    Then in this regard we have failed miserably. Any suggestion you may
    have to make things better will be listened to.

    > When your random 10 second email post recently gives a more direct
    > pointer to the information I need or find interesting, then you know
    > your web site has serious problems. None of those papers are on a
    > top level link that can be easily accessed. The papers you folks do
    > are the best documentation outlining your work yet they are the most
    > difficult to find. That's a serious mistake.

    Point taken.

    Hopefully the information I'm providing in these postings will motivate
    people to take a second look and, possibly, help us get things more
    straight-forward for others to explore.

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